yes i draw art of me and occeus kising,yes i call him my husband, no you wll not ask. You may wonder what exactly prompted me to make this shrine for occeus,if you do the answer is that Occeus states that he does not understand other people, nor does he feel that they understand him, feeling painfully aware of his inability to help people outside of his work as well as do anything aside from what he's been instructed to. First off off UNBELIVEBLY REAL holy fuck, and This is likely due to him having autism but never being diagnosed with the condition. like hes litterally me. also uhh SCIENCE GUY.....

Etymology: Occeus likely comes from Oculus, the Latin word for eye, befitting of his mutation. Coliad likely comes from Coliadinae, a subfamily of butterflies also known as sulphurs, which matches his alchemical sigil.


As a scientist and engineer, Occeus is characterized by his empirical outlook on life and how it works. He is ambitious, yet detached, and fiercely dedicated to his work, seeming to doubt himself outside of it. He works towards the continued survival of his decaying planet and towards undoing the parasitic undead plague that ravages its population in the hope that he can return souls from a supposed entropy, and find the secret of untethered immortality. His visor is made specifically to cover up his third eye that formed after a major traumatic incident in his past. This third eye allows him to momentarily see into alternate dimensions, seeing vague figures and apparitions out of his peripheral vision. He sees more when he makes a conscious effort to contact the dimensions directly. He can also constantly hear the low buzzing of static in the back of his mind, but it doesn't bother him so long as he doesn't think about it. He states that stressful situations impact his condition. Occeus is a deconstruction of the 'Mad Scientist' archetype,[1] despite not seeming to truly fit the label. He has many references to 'Frankenstein' based on his character, the obvious example being the naming of his assistant, Rogi, which is simply 'Igor', the assistant to Victor Frankenstein, spelled backwards.


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